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Item No Item Name Type Photo Description Packing CBM Video
SP3005 Fan Club New Items! Photo 40s Three Level Effects 2/1 0.054 Video
SP412 SUPREME ASSORTMENT Assortments Photo

A large-sized assortment with artillery, aerials, fountains, sparklers, roman candles and more!

2/1 0.111 Video
SP411 AERIAL ASSAULT Assortments Photo A popular sized assortment with lots of rockets. 8/1 0.063 Video
SP100 Aerial Display #300 New Items! Photo 300 Single Shot Tube-Hard Break 16/1 0.062 Video
SP2211 Angle Rack Mortar Tube Photo Angle Rack with different colors avaialbe 1/1 0.035 Video
SP2223 Angle Candle Launch Rack Mortar Tube Photo Angle Roman Candle Launch Rack 1/1 0.045 Video
SP587 RING NECK 10 SHOTS 500 Gram Cakes Photo 2in 10s- Sunflower Ring Cake - Classic sunflower ring shells. Each breaks a perfect ring. 4/1 0.085 Video
SP5516 TOTAL BLAST 21 SHOTS 500 Gram Cakes Photo 21 Shots -It's filled sky with large burst of color peony, wave,strobe,crackle,mine and etc. If you love variety, this cake is a buy. 
3/1 0.06 Video
SP286 COMET FESTIVAL 20 SHOTS Multi-shot Cakes Photo 20 shots -Small great value pack - Color comet w/ color mine
16/1 0.039 Video
SP227 SILVER DRAGON 150 SHOTS Multi-shot Cakes Photo 150s Silver Dragon
12/1 0.026 Video

Supreme Fireworks is a family owned manfacturing factory, located in Liuyang city, Hunan Province,China. Our product line covers all categories of fireworks including consumer fireworks and professional display fireworks.All our products conform to CE regulations and/or USA CPSC,AFSL and DOT standards.

As we are a manufacturing factory, this enables us to have direct control over the quality and pass the cost savings onto our customers. Our competitve price, strict quality control,beautiful package design, satisfactory customer service have made Supreme Fireworks our customers’Supreme choice! To purchase quality fireworks directly from Liuyang China Supreme Fireworks Manufacturing Factory, please visit our website www.spfireworks.com or contact us: Phone 0086-138-748-382-92 (Annie). E-mail/MSN: supremepyro@hotmail.com

We welcome customers from all over the world to visit our manufacturing facilities and see our Demos at any time.

Any enquiries or questions from you will always be taken care of immediately!

Thank you.

The Supreme Fireworks Team.

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