Item   No.SP301

6 Shots per small retail pack, 4 small retail 

packs in a big kit, 4 big kits in an export 

carton (1.75" 60 gram) - It lives up to its 

name. One of the most powerful 60g 

canister shells on the market. Huge burst, 

great package and with 4 high quality 

fiberglass mortar tubes that can stand 

upside down testing! 12 unique 


(1) Red green peony and white strobe; 

(2) Brocade and blue star; 

(3) Silver wave to red and white strobe; 

(4) Silver crackling palm; 

(5) Charcoal palm to purple and green; 

(6) Color strobe and silver chrysanthemum; (7) Red and green palm; 

(8) Color peony; 

(9) Silver wave to green and purple star; 

(10) Brocade to red; 

(11) Peach red,lemon & white strobe; 

(12) Brocade and white strobe.

Performance Level5 out of 5 stars
Box Size29-1/8”×8-2/3“×5-5/6”
Carton CBM0.090
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