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The Cold Winter For Fireworks Manufacturing Has Come
Posted on 2019-12-27

Liuyang is not only famous for fireworks at home, but also in the world. We, Chinese people, has the tradition to ignite fireworks and firecrackers to welcome a new year. With the coming of Chinese new year and catching the July 4th season delivery to the USA, factories in liuyang are very busy producing fireworks, However on December 4th,2019, an accident has shut down the busy steps of production. Shi Xia sub-factory of Liuyang Bixi Fireworks Manufacturing Co.Ltd had an explosion,which caused a mountain fire, window damages of the neighboring houses. It’s reported one dead and one hurt, however mediums inquired about 7 dead. On December 5th, the initial investigation shows 7 dead and 13 wounded, however with further investigation, it found another 6 dead. All the fireworks factories are notified to cease production since then. On 23rd, factories are notified to produce for 5 days to use up the stock stars, then submit applications for resume if they can meet 20 strict regulations, agree to withdraw fireworks industry if accidents happen and stop applying for new applications for one month if first application didn’t pass. However More unfortunate news – On December 26th, a fireworks material factory that located in the east direction of liuyang had an accident and caused one dead. Government officials immediately sent out an urgent notice to all fireworks factories in liuyang to shut down production completely. The 5 day resume work to use up stock stars is discontinued. The urgent notice is sent out as below: According to tonight’s city work safety urgent meeting, here is to notify that all city’s fireworks and firecracker manufacturing enterprises shall cease all production and in the meanwhile these actions shall be taken: 1) The remaining and waste powders shall be analyzed, formulate a scheme and powder storage shall be supervised by Safety Supervision Station. 2) It’s forbidden to sell and transport black powder and fuse. 3) Officials on duty in the factories will be strengthened during the non-production phase and strictly prevent the use of hazardous raw materials and powder. All enterprises must obey these without any conditions, otherwise it will be strictly investigated and punished and the Safety Production License will be detained. In this special time, all enterprises shall be sure not defy the laws!


Liling City, close to liuyang, is famous for producing smaller consumer items such as flyers, smokes, firecrackers and etc are also notified to cease production from January 8th to February 13th for Chinese new year ( This year, Chinese New Year is on January 25th, normally one week before and one week after for holidays without fireworks production)


With all these tough situations, Chinese market will be short of fireworks and vendors may not to able to fulfill commitments to meet the delivery for USA July 4th season. Fireworks Industry is experiencing the real cold winter right now…