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Can the ban of fireworks use really reduce the smog?
Posted on 2018-03-23

Whether fireworks should be banned during Chinese lunar new year has been a hot and even hotter topic since the year of 2013 when the smog weather was covered about 1,150,000 square meters in many places of China such as Beijing, Tanjin, Hebei, Henan, Shangdong, Jiangsu,Anhui, Shuangxi, Sichuan and etc.  Fireworks, containing chemicals like sulphur is considered a key contributor to air pollution and the increase in PM2.5 particles during Chinese lunar new year.


However many are arguing that fireworks is actually only allowed to shoot for a very short period of time by the end of the whole year. And there is also report showing that PM2.5 particle in the air indeed increased during the first day and 2nd day of Chinese new year when people shoot the most fireworks, however one hour after the shooting, the PM2.5 particles dropped to normal. The very short period of increase did not affect the daily smoke level. And fireworks is always seen as an integral part of Chines new year celebrations. More measures should be carried out to tackle the ROOT of the main pollution problems that has much greater impact such as the industrial pollution, the emission from vehicles and etc. Why take fireworks as the scape goat for airl pollution and why take away the precious tradition of celebration?