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Nine Big Fireworks Demonstrations Will Be Held In Changsha Orange Island In 2018
Posted on 2018-03-23

Here is the time schedule for the 9 big fireworks demonstrations in Changsha Orange Island in the year of 2018


     1)   Fireworks Demo on January 1st,2018 For New Year’s Day

2)   Fireworks Demo On February 15th,2018 for Chinese Spring Festival

3)   Fireworks Demo On March 2nd,2018 for Chinese Lantern Festival

4)   Fireworks Demo On May 1st,2018 for May Day

5)   Fireworks Demo On June 18th,2018 for Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

6) Fireworks Demo On July 1st,2018 for The Party’s Day ( Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party)

7)   Fireworks Demo On August 1st,2018 for Army Day

8)   Fireworks Demo On September 24th,2018 for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

9)   Fireworks Demo On October 1st,2018 for China’s National Day