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Chinese Holidays That Affect Fireworks Production
Posted on 2018-03-23

In China, We have our own holidays and festivals, but the 3 holidays below are the ones that really affect the fireworks production.


     1)   Spring Festival (Chinese New Year):  Like Christmas in the West, the Spring Festival (also known as the Chinese New Year) is       regarded by the Chinese people as the most important and grandest traditional festival. It has a history of more than 4,000 years.        Fireworks factories stop production for around 23 days from one week before the festival to Chinese Lantern Festival which is 15        days after it.

2)   Two sessions: The year of 2018 is the first year that fireworks factories are required to shut down during the two sessions and it’s said it will be the same every year in the future. The two sessions lasts 18 days from March 3rd to March 20th.

3)   Summer Heat Shut Down: It’s very hot in the summer in Liuyang. When it gets too hot, it’s very dangerous for fireworks production. Recent years, the government has required the factories to shut down for around 2 months during summer time.


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